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کتاب Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education

کتاب Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education

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درباره کتاب Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education

Contents: E.W. Eisner, M.D. Day, Introduction to Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education. Part I:Historical Currents in Art Education. F.G. Chalmers, Learning From Histories of Art Education: An Overview of Research and Issues. M.A. Stankiewicz, P.M. Amburgy, P.E. Bolin, Questioning the Past: Contexts, Functions, and Stakeholders in 19th-Century Art Education. J.H. White, 20th-Century Art Education: A Historical Perspective. Part II:Policy Perspectives Impacting the Teaching of Art. R.A. Smith, Policy and Arts Education. S. Hope, Art Education in a World of Cross-Purposes. C.B. Gee, Spirit, Mind, and Body: Arts Education the Redeemer. L. Hetland, E. Winner, Cognitive Transfer From Arts Education to Non-Arts Outcomes: Research Evidence and Policy Implications. R.A. Smith, Aesthetic Education: Questions and Issues. H.G. Blocker, Varieties of Multicultural Art Education: Some Policy Issues. E.L. Lankford, K. Scheffer, Museum Education and Controversial Art: Living on a Fault Line. Part III:Learning in the Visual Arts. A.M. Kindler, Introduction: Development and Learning in Art. A.M. Kindler, Researching Impossible? Models of Artistic Development Reconsidered. J. Matthews, The Art of Infancy. B. Wilson, Child Art After Modernism: Visual Culture and New Narratives. C. Golomb, Sculpture: Representational Development in a Three-Dimensional Medium. N.H. Freeman, Aesthetic Judgment and Reasoning. D. Pariser, E. Zimmerman, Learning in the Visual Arts: Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Individuals. Part IV:Teaching and Teacher Education. E. Zimmerman, Introduction to Teaching and Teacher Education. L. Galbraith, K. Grauer, State of the Field: Demographics and Art Teacher Education. M. Stokrocki, Contexts for Teaching Art. M. Erickson, Interaction of Teachers and Curriculum. F. Thurber, Teacher Education as a Field of Study in Art Education: A Comprehensive Overview of Methodology and Methods Used in Research About Art Teacher Education. F.R. Sabol, An Overview of Art Teacher Recruitment, Certification, and Retention. J.M. Burton, The Practice of Teaching in K-12 Schools: Devices and Desires. Part V:Forms of Assessment in Art Education. E. Soep, Assessment and Visual Arts Education. D. Boughton, Assessing Art Learning in Changing Contexts: High-Stakes Accountability, International Standards and Changing Conceptions of Artistic Development. H. Persky, The NAEP Arts Assessment: Pushing the Boundaries of Large-Scale Performance Assessment. C.M. Myford, A. Sims-Gunzenhauser, The Evolution of Large-Scale Assessment Programs in the Visual Arts. E. Soep, Visualizing Judgment: Self-Assessment and Peer Assessment in Arts Education. Part VI:Emerging Visions of the Field. A.D. Efland, Emerging Visions of Art Education. S.M. Dobbs, Discipline-Based Art Education. T. Barrett, Investigating Art Criticism in Education: An Autobiographical Narrative. A.D. Efland, Art Education as Imaginative Cognition. M. Parsons, Art and Integrated Curriculum. G. Sullivan, Studio Art as Research Practice. K. Freedman, P. Stuhr, Curriculum Change for the 21st Century: Visual Culture in Art Education.


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