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کتاب The Texts in Elementary Classrooms

کتاب The Texts in Elementary Classrooms

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درباره کتاب The Texts in Elementary Classrooms

Contents: Preface. Part I: Basic Processes and Text Features. V. Purcell-Gates, N.K. Duke, Texts in the Teaching and Learning of Reading. J.W. Cunningham, D.A. Koppenhaver, K.A. Erickson, S.A. Spadorcia, Word Identification and Text Characteristics. S.A. Stahl, K.A.D. Stahl, From Brown Bear to Paddington Bear: The Role of Text in the Development of Fluency. S.G. Paris, R.D. Carpenter, Children's Motivation to Read. Part II: Considering the Forms of Texts in Classrooms. S. Keehn, M.G. Martinez, W.H. Teale, Choosing Fiction to Support Young Children's Literacy Development. J.V. Hoffman, N.L. Roser, M. Sailors, Leveled Texts for Beginning Readers: A Primer, a Test, and a Quest. N.K. Duke, C. Tower, Nonfiction Texts for Young Readers. B. Maloch, J.V. Hoffman, E.U. Patterson, Local Texts: Reading and Writing "of the Classroom." M.L. Kamil, H.S. Kim, D. Lane, Electronic Text in the Classroom. Part III: Some Issues Surrounding Text Selection. G.E. García, E.B. Bauer, The Selection and Use of English Texts With Young English Language Learners. N. Roser, Heavy (and Heavy-Handed) Issues Surrounding Book Selection. Part IV: Assessing the Text Environment. J.V. Hoffman, M. Sailors, Studying the Literacy Environment and Literacy Practices as the Basis for Critical Reflection and Change.


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