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کتاب Critical Marketing

کتاب Critical Marketing

نسخه الکترونیک کتاب Critical Marketing به همراه هزاران کتاب دیگر از طریق اپلیکیشن رایگان فیدیبو در دسترس است. همین حالا دانلود کنید

با کد تخفیف hifidibo این کتاب را در اولین خریدتان با ۵۰٪ تخفیف یعنی ۴۲,۲۳۲ تومان ارزان‌تر بخرید!

درباره کتاب Critical Marketing

Chapter 1 Defining the Field of Critical Marketing Gang of SixSECTION 1: BEING A CRITICAL MARKETER: REFLECTIONS FROM THE FIELD Chapter 2 Critical Research in Marketing: An Armchair Report. Linda L. Scott, University of OxfordChapter 3 Critical Marketing: Insights for Informed Research and TeachingJonathan E. Schroeder, University of ExeterChapter 4 Rethinking Critical MarketingAlan Bradshaw, University of Exeter & A. Fuat Firat, University of Texas Pan-American Chapter 5 Concerning Marketing Critterati: Beyond Nuance, Estrangement and ElitismDouglas Brownlie, University of Stirling & Paul Hewer, University of StrathclydeChapter 6 Local Accounts: Authoring the Critical Marketing ThesisDr Shona Bettany, University of Bradford SECTION 2: CRITICAL DEBATES: QUESTIONING UNDERLYING ASSUMPTIONSChapter 7 Beyond Marketing Panaceas: In Praise of SocietingBernard Cova (Euromed Marseilles & Bocconi Milan), Olivier Badot (ESCP-EAP Paris) & Ampelio Bucci,MIESChapter 8 Customer-Driven or Driving the Customer? Exploitation versus ExplorationGilles Marion, E M LyonChapter 9 Advertising Literacy RevisitedBrian Young, University of Exeter Chapter 10 Which half?: Accounting for Ideology in Advertising Liz Mcfall, The Open University Chapter 11 Can Consumers Escape the Market?Eric J. Arnould, University of ArizonaSECTION 3: EFFECTING CHANGE THROUGH CRITIQUE: SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUESChapter 12 The Critical Role of Social MarketingRoss Gordon, Gerard Hastings, and Laura McDermottInstitute for Social Marketing, Stirling & The Open University, & Pierre Siquier, Ligaris Advertising AgencyChapter 13 Making Sense of Consumer DisadvantageKathy Hamilton, University of StrathclydeChapter 14 Sustainable Marketing : Marketing Re-thought, Re-mixed and Re-tooledKen Peattie, Unversity of CardiffChapter 15 Journeying Beyond Marketing’s Collective Consciousness Ingrid Kaiser, University of StrathclydeChapter 16 Relevance of Critique: Can and Should Critical Marketing Influence Practice and Policy?Robin Wensley


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