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کتاب Acts of Rebellion

کتاب Acts of Rebellion

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AcknowledgementsIntroduction. Acts of Rebellion: Reflections on the Role of a WriterPart I. In Matters of Law1. The Tragedy and the Travesty: The Subversion of Indigenous Sovereignty in North America2. The Nullification of Native American? An Analysis of the 1990 American Indian Arts and Crafts Act3. Confronting Columbus Day: An Argument Based in International LawPart II. Struggles for Lands and Lives4. The Earth is Our Mother: Struggles for American Indian Land and Liberation in the Contemporary United States5. A Breach of Trust: The Radioactive Colonization of Native North America6. Like Sand in the Wind: The Making of an American Indian Diaspora in the United States7. The Bloody Wake of Alcatraz: Repression of the American Indian Movement During the 1970sPart III. Culture Wars8. Fantasies of the Master Race: Cinema and the Colonization of American Indians9. Let's Spread the "Fun" Around: The Issue of American Indian Sports Team Mascots10. Indians 'R' Us: Reflections on the Men's MovementsPart IV. The Indigenist Alternative11. False Promises: An Indigenist Analysis of Marxist Theory and Practice12. The New face of Liberation: Indigenous Rebellion, State Repression, and the Reality of the Fourth World13. I am Indigenist: Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth WorldNotesPermissions AcknowledgementsIndex


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