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کتاب Homelessness in America

کتاب Homelessness in America

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درباره کتاب Homelessness in America

Learn how to better address the needs of the homelessThe causes of homelessness are complex and varied. Homelessness in America provides an overview of the state of research on the homeless population from an occupation and societal participation perspective. This important resource explores the systems of care in which homeless services are organized, the tailoring of services to meet the needs of diverse types of homeless, the newest trends in services, and crucial funding sources. Research is comprehensively examined from an occupation-based perspective, including studies on specific issues pertaining to various homeless populations. This in-depth discussion provides a vital understanding of homelessness using a client-centered and strengths-based approach in occupational therapy. Much of the research and writings of occupational therapists who work with homeless populations has been scattered throughout various diverse publications. Homelessness in America: Perspectives, Characterizations, and Considerations for Occupational Therapy gathers into one useful volume important insights, practical strategies, and valuable research into the many challenges concerning homelessness. Various effective interventions are discussed in depth. Several leading authorities explore current issues and offer illuminating case studies, extensive reference lists, and helpful tables of funding sources.Topics in Homelessness in America include: results of an Internet-based survey of assessment tools used with the homeless a critical examination of the assumptions of who becomes homeless—and why typologies of homelessness current trends in service delivery federal organization and sources of funding for services exploratory study of occupational concerns and goals of homeless women with children study illustrating the value of the theory of Occupational Adaptation mother-toddler interactions in transitional housing the role of occupational therapy in the youth homelessness problem homeless youths’ after-school and weekend time use guiding intervention by using the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) productive role involvement at Project Employ study on life skills interventions with effective recommendations much moreHomelessness in America is insightful, important reading for occupational therapy educators, students, practicing occupational therapists, program directors of services to the homeless, and policymakers.


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