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کتاب Race and Probation

کتاب Race and Probation

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درباره کتاب Race and Probation

Introduction: race, crime and community penalties, Adam Calverley, Gurpreet Kaur and Soheila Sadeghi  Part One: Background  1. Room for improvement: a history of the Probation Service's response to race, Maurice Vanstone  2. Racially motivated offenders and the Probation Service, David Smith  3. Race, Probation and Inspections, Rod Morgan  Part Two: Black and Minority Ethnic offenders: their needs and experiences  4. Black and Asian men on probation: who are they, and what are their criminogenic needs?, Peter Raynor and Sam Lewis  5. Black and Asian men on probation: social exclusion, discrimination and experiences of criminal justice, Bankole Cole and Ali Wardak  6. The experiences of female minority ethnic offenders: the other 'other', Loraine Gelsthorpe  7. Not black and white: mixed heritage experiences of criminal justice, Sam Lewis and Jill Olumide  Part Three: Recent Developments  8. Designing and delivering programmes for minority ethnic offenders, Patrick Williams  9. What Works with Black and minority ethnic offenders: solutions in search of a problem?, Rachel K. Walmsley and Kate Stephens  10. Minority ethnic experiences of probation supervision and programmes, Sam Lewis  11. What might work with racially motivated offenders?, David Smith  Part Four: Conclusions  12. Race and community penalties: conclusions and next steps, Sam Lewis, Peter Raynor, David Smith and Ali Wardak


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