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پادکست "Alliances"

نسخه الکترونیک پادکست "Alliances" به همراه هزاران کتاب دیگر از طریق اپلیکیشن رایگان فیدیبو در دسترس است. همین حالا دانلود کنید

درباره پادکست "Alliances"

Voodoo, zombies, and a haunting suspicion that Chris Partlow is the mastermind behind the eerie disappearances in West Baltimore are just some of the topics mentioned in Episode 5 of Season 4 of ‘The Wire.’ Jemele Hill and Van Lathan continue their marathon of the show, digging into the dysfunctional systems that fuel the story line (3:32). They also take a closer look at Chris (12:07) before comparing his presence to some notable horror-movie figures (16:20).


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