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پادکست 5
‘We Know It When We See It’

نسخه الکترونیک پادکست 5 به همراه هزاران کتاب دیگر از طریق اپلیکیشن رایگان فیدیبو در دسترس است. همین حالا دانلود کنید

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Chana has traced the history of the school from its founding and come to the present. But now: One unexpected last chapter. Last year, the school district for BHS mandated a change in the zoning process to ensure all of middle schools will be racially integrated. No longer can white families hoard resources in a few select schools. Black and Latino parents have been demanding this change since the late 1950s. The courts have mandated it. Chana asks: How did this happen? And is this a blueprint for real, systemic change?


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