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پادکست Richard Dawkins کتاب صوتی

پادکست Richard Dawkins

نسخه الکترونیک پادکست Richard Dawkins به همراه هزاران کتاب دیگر از طریق اپلیکیشن رایگان فیدیبو در دسترس است. همین حالا دانلود کنید

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Richard Dawkins is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author. He is an emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, and was the University of Oxford's Professor for Public Understanding of Science until 2008. Richard joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his draw to science, his theory on evolution and the lack of language diversity in English cultures. Dax admits he has been a fan of Richard since college and Richard declares what shows he’s watching on Netflix. The two talk about atheism, the evolutionary cause of death and the distortion of objectivity due to human filters. 


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