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پادکست Chelsea Peretti کتاب صوتی

پادکست Chelsea Peretti

نسخه الکترونیک پادکست Chelsea Peretti به همراه هزاران کتاب دیگر از طریق اپلیکیشن رایگان فیدیبو در دسترس است. همین حالا دانلود کنید

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Chelsea Peretti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, The Sarah Silverman Program) is an American writer, comedian and actress. Chelsea sits down with the armchair expert to discuss her resistance to ambition, the intrigue behind successful siblings and how biology is anti-feminist. Dax admits that he desperately wants Chelsea's approval and he can't discern whether or not she likes him. The two talk about parenting as public figures, she describes feeling very unprepared when she started Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Dax thinks Chelsea is from Long Island.


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